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How to better maintain the shearing machine
Addtime: 2019-3-23 
All aspects of shearing machine maintenance records:

    Shearing machine safety operation rules:

    1) The operating rules of the shearing machine: adjust the blade gap strictly according to the thickness of the shearing plate; adjust the distance between the two sides of the clamp according to the width of the shearing plate; After the equipment can operate normally, the shearing process is carried out.

    2) During the use of the equipment, if it is found that the machine is running abnormally, immediately cut off the power supply and check according to the obstacle manual (attachment: Summary of common faults of hydraulic pendulum shears).

    3) The parts of the shearing machine should always be lubricated to ensure the efficiency of the shearing machine and prolong the service life of the equipment.

    4) The surface of the motor and foot switch should be kept clean, and no other objects are allowed around.

    What are the maintenance and maintenance work of aluminum profiles?

    Do the following seven points to achieve good results:

    1. Soft cloth and towel are suitable for scrubbing tools. It is strictly forbidden to use corundum powder, sandpaper, wire brush or other frictional objects to scrub the surface of aluminum materials.

    2. It is strictly forbidden for aluminum alloy profiles to be loaded loosely during shipment, causing bumps.

    3. When the surface is eroded and polluted, it should be cleaned in time. The fouling can be wiped with a soft cloth first with alcohol or scented glue (scrubbing with alcohol first, if not, consider using scented glue). Then rinse with clean water.

    4. It should be cleaned with warm water containing lubricant or neutral cleaning agent. Acid or alkaline cleaning agent is not allowed.

    5. Soft cloth and towel are suitable for scrubbing tools. Corundum powder, sandpaper and wire brush are strictly prohibited.